Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Questions for 6th Grade HW

   Please answer these questions and hand them in on a separate sheet of paper.  

1)  The article says that there is no "pacing" in cyclocross.  How is that different from running the Run for Fun?

2) Do they cancel cross races due to bad weather?  Explain your answer.

3) Where was the World Championship Race held in 2013?

4 ) Explain the Fight or Flight response that is talked about toward the end of the article.

Thank you and enjoy the article.

Mr. Goldstein

1st Real HW for 6th Grade- due Tuesday 9/30

6th Grade students,
  Here is the link for the article for your first homework assignment.

This article is about cyclocross bike racing.  I have been doing this type of racing for the past two years and I will be starting again near the end of this month.  It is a lot of fun!

I will post questions on the blog later today.  The homework is due Tuesday, Sept 30.  No late assignments allowed.

-Mr. Goldstein

Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome Back & Signed Forms

5th and 6th Grade Students,
    Welcome back for another great school year.  Please remember PE uniform essentials for class as well as the signed PE form to receive a perfect score on your first homework assignment.

Mr. Goldstein

Monday, June 9, 2014

Extra Credit assignment for grades 5-6

   This assignment is for anyone interested in extra credit.  It is due on Friday, June 13th (no exceptions). 
Read the following article and answer the questions below.

1) How would running the Dipsea compare with your past experience of competing in the Run for Fun?  How is the course different?
2) What is your opinion of the head start system in the Dipsea?
3) Which state is the race held in?
4) What is the significance of winning a black shirt?  Who gets one?
5) How is it possible you can run the race in the fastest time, but not win?

Thank you,
Mr. Goldstein

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 Rules of Baseball-- Quiz 1st week of June

   Here are the 5 Rules we have been studying for baseball.  Please brush up on them, we will be having a baseball quiz next week (first week of June).

1.  A foul ball is a strike, but not strike 3.
2. Go half-way on a fly ball and run back if it is caught.
3. A runner is forced to run on a ground ball when there are runners on all bases behind them.  If not, the runner has a choice.
4. If a runner is forced to run, just step on the base to get them out.  If they go by choice, just tag them.
5. Always just step on 1st base to get the out (always a force at 1st base).

Ask me if you have any questions,
Mr. Goldstein

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Homework addition

5th and 6th Grade Students,
  I forgot to add on the blog before that the following four athletes are not able to be used for the homework due on 5/29.
Lebron James
Kevin Durant
Derek Jeter
Michael Jordan

6th Graders- Do not forget about the presentation that should last about 2 minutes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5th and 6th Grade Homework Due May 29th

5th and 6th Grade Students,
   Your 2nd assignment for the 3rd quarter is as follows...

1) Pick an athlete to research.
2) Why did you decide to research this athlete?
3) What are 2 interesting facts I should know about his/her sports career?
4) What are 2 interesting facts about their personal life outside of his/her sports career?
5) Is this person someone young people should look up to as a role model?  Why/Why not?

6th graders only- Students will have two minutes to share about their athlete in class and this will go toward your grade.

This assignment is due May 29th.

Thank you,
Mr. Goldstein