Wednesday, March 25, 2015

6th Grade Health Test Review

6th Grade Students,
   Here is the review for the upcoming health test.  Remember, it is always open notebook and you can bring in materials with you.

1)      What is the type of stomach acid produced by the gallbladder?
2)      Where does food travel through in order to get to the stomach?
3)      In which organs are nutrients the body needs taken out of the food?
4)      Write one organ of the integumentary system. _________________
5)      What is the function of the integumentary system?________________________
6)      Which body system is responsible for producing hormones?
7)      Where are hormones produced?
8)      Which of the following types of food usually costs more?
a.       Conventional                             b. Organic
9)      Which of the following types of food could contain anti-biotics, preservatives or steroids?
a.       Conventional                             b. Organic
10)   Which phrase refers to scientific advancement in a certain food or seed?
Nutrition Math Questions- 10 points each (20 points total)
1)      Popcorn
Serving size- 5 pieces
Calories= 100
How many calories are in 20 pieces of popcorn?

2)      Soda
Serving size= 8 ounces
Sugar=15 grams
How many grams of sugar are in 24 ounces of soda?

1)      When you think of all the knowledge you have about the digestive system, how do you think the eating disorder bulimia uniquely affects this system?

2)      Would you make the decision as an adult to buy organic food or stick with conventional food for your family?  Please answer using specific details we discussed in class.

Good luck in your upcoming test!
-Mr. Goldstein

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

6th Grade Health Project

6th Graders,
   Here is your last "at home" health assignment of the year.  Below is a link to an article from Kid's Health.  It will give you plenty of information about the endocrine system (glands and hormones).

Your job is to answer the following questions using complete sentences.

1) Which hormone from the article are you choosing to study?
2) Which gland produces the hormone?
3) Where is the gland located in the body?
4) What does the hormone do in the body?
5) What is one negative thing that would happen if we did not have this hormone?

Let me know if you have any questions about the project...

Good luck,
Mr. Goldstein

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

6th Grade Health Homework

6th Grade Students,
   Here is a link to a video about an Eastside Girl's Basketball Team member.  It details how she has worked hard to be successful at the high level and attain a scholarship for college basketball.  We will discuss the due date in class for each particular section.

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1) What is Nia's #1 specialty on the court?
2) You could tell that her hard work led to high athletic and academic acheivements, what is one long term goal you have for your life?
3) List 2 things you need to do to achieve this goal and write a paragraph discussing  and explaining both.

Thank you,
Mr. Goldstein

Thursday, March 5, 2015

5th Grade Tennis HW Due 3/17

5th Grade Students,
   The following homework is a tennis video.  That is our next unit in class.  Please familiarize yourself with the sport and answer the questions below in complete sentences.  Hand in the homework on or before March 17th.

Click the link below
(This is a long video, you do not have to watch the whole thing, maybe only 15 minutes)
1) Describe the ready position the players have when they are waiting for the other player to hit it back to them.
2) How many points do you need to get in order to win just one game?
3) How many times is the ball allowed to bounce before you must hit it?
4) What is the hit called that starts each point?

Let me know if there are any questions.
- Mr. Goldstein

Monday, March 2, 2015

6th Grade Health Test Review

6th grade students,
   Here are the review questions for the health test.  If you answer them while studying, you can bring them in with you for the test!  If you review these, you will get a good grade.

1.       Which type of medication is only able to obtained through a doctor?

2.       Physical effects experienced when someone stops their drug use is an example of…

3.       Ingesting a potentially deadly amount of illegal or prescription drugs is an example of an…

4.       If someone has a prescription for medical marijuana, it is still illegal to share it with a friend.
a.        True                              b. False
5.       What is the substance in marijuana that causes a person to have an altered mental state?

6.       Which type of steroids cause people to build muscle strength and size?

7.       Asthma inhalers contain catabolic steroids.
a.        True                              b. False
8.       Anabolic steroids are often a synthetic or human form of which hormone?

9.       Name one way steroids are usually taken by users_____________________
10.    Which type of drug is cocaine?

11.   A cocaine user can experience burns and sores in and around his/her nose.

12.   Which is an example of a legal stimulant?

13.   Using which drug with others is more likely to lead to contracting HIV?

Essay- Please answer the following question in a paragraph of 4-5 sentences
The Essay is worth 22 points
Pick one drug to talk about that we discussed in class.  Please answer the following questions about the drug in complete sentences.
-Is this drug legal/illegal?
-What are the effects and/or dangers of the drugs?
-Which types of people use it?
- Why would you advise people to use it or not to use it?

Health Project Rubric

6th Grade students,
   This rubric is to help you achieve the top score on the health project rubric.

33 points- Your project is presented in a clear manner where it is very easy to find information.
26- Your project is presented in a pretty neat manner where it is somewhat easy to find information.
20- Your project is somewhat sloppy and not easy to find the information required.
15- Your project is very sloppy and I cannot find important information anywhere.

33- There is more than sufficient information and it is all correct.
25- There is enough information and details and it is almost all correct.
20- There are few details and some of the information is incorrect.
15- There is barely any useful information included and if there is it is incorrect.

33- The project shows an incredible amount of thought and creativity.
26- The project is pretty creative and shows above average effort.
20- The project did not take much thought or effort.
15- You did this project in 2 minutes while walking to school!

Let me know if you have any questions.
Mr. Goldstein

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6th Grade Health Project- Due on day of the unit test!

6th Grade Health Project
You are going to construct a Public Service Announcement explaining the dangers of one illegal drug that we discussed in class.
A Public Service Announcement is any type of poster/billboard/commercial that tries to teach the people of the community about an important issue.
In your PSA, be sure to discuss important details of the drug including…
-How it is taken
- What does it do to the body?
-Where are people typically using this drug?
- What population is the PSA targeting?
Use your creativity and various artistic skills to succeed in this project- you can always ask for help with ideas.
Look for a rubric on the blog

This will be due on the day of your unit test.