Monday, November 24, 2014

6th Grade Hockey Assignment- due Thurs Dec. 4

6th graders,
   For the following homework you must watch a hockey game.  You can do that the following ways.
1) Watch The Rangers, Islanders or Devils on channels MSG (71 on IO) or NBC Sports (146 on IO) or 2)search an NHL game on YOUtube.  You can choose to watch just one period if you would like.

Answer the following questions in a complete sentence on a separate sheet of paper.

1) Which two teams played in the game?  Which countries and cities are the teams from?  There are 7 Canadian teams.
2) Were there any penalties in the game?  What was the penalty and how many minutes?
3) What is a "power play"?  Look it up if it doesn't tell you in the game.
 4) Did the goalie every "freeze" the puck and cause a face-off?  If so, how did he do that?
5) What kind of protection do players wear?

Good luck,
Mr. Goldstein

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5th Grade Health Homework- due Friday 11/21

5-1 and 5-3 students,
   The following homework is due on Friday.

Research a bone...
1) What is the scientific name of the bone?
2) Where is it located (for example: lower arm or in the foot).
3) Where did you find this information?

Creativity counts toward your grade!  Draw a picture if you would like.

-Mr. Goldstein

Thursday, November 6, 2014

6-8th Grade Run for Fun results

Jackson CNRC1st10Shirley M71st10
Kelvin ANRC2nd9Ayana V72nd9
Leo M73rd8Britney L73rd8
Ismael CNRC4th7Andrea C74th 7
Runner 133NRC5th6Savannah V75th6
Zak A76th5Aaliyah GNRC6th5
Muhammed W77th4Josteen187th4
Juan Diego B188th3Melissa A78th3
Runner 151NRC9th2Jazlin C189th2
Alex B1810th1Genessy C710th1
Joshua B711thAlisonNRC11th
Mario H712thGianna M712th
Julian JNRC13thRainaijah P1813th
Jayro V1814thYanilda PNRC14th
Jonathan I715thShianna RNRC15th
Jamier NRC16thCaroline DiazNRC16th
RyanNRC17thNatasha C1817th
Angel F718thBrenda C1818th
Steven E1819thTatianah R1819th
Honesty M1820th
Angelina P1821st
Total PointsRunner 150NRC23rd
NRC39 pointsYbana QNRC24th
1810 pointsIjanahNRC25th
761 pointsNicole CNRC26th
Miheem NRC27th
Runner 148NRC28th

5th Grade Run 4 Fun results

BoysPlaceoverallGirls PlaceOverall
Jose R33Kaylee39
David U55Angelina511
Michael 713Arianna715
Angel1220Jada R1225
Ryan 1529Monserrat1530
Jose S1740Petriece1732

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Run for Fun

  Congratulations to School 7 and the 6-8th grade runners for winning the Run for Fun team trophy for the 2nd year in a row!  Also, congrats to all 5th grade runners who challenged themselves in this event.

I will do a detailed report of the race and list the top finishers on Thursday so stay tuned!

-Mr. Goldstein

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5th Grade HW due on Wednesday Oct 29th

5th Grade students,
   This will be your last homework of the 1st quarter.  You are to watch a football game and answer the following questions.

You can watch a high school football game in person on Friday night or Saturday afternoon (ask me for details about times and locations), college football all day on TV Saturday, and professional NFL Football on Sunday afternoon, night and Monday night.  Also, search "full football game" on YouTube.

Answer these questions in complete sentences on a seperate sheet of paper.

1) The offense is the team with the ball.  The defense stops them from scoring.  Would you rather be an offensive or defensive player in football?  Why did you choose that choice?
2) If you were a coach, would you choose more running plays or passing plays? Why? Which do you think works best?
3) Which game did you watch?  Who won the game?
4) Were there any turnovers in the game?  Interceptions or fumbles?
An interception is when the defense catches the quarterbacks throw.  A fumble is when a player drops it and the other team picks it up and then has possession.

This is due on Wednesday, October 29th.

-Mr. Goldstein

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soccer Club

Weather is looking good so soccer club is on!

-Mr. Goldstein