Monday, January 12, 2015

Question about Nutrition Project

   This is an answer to a 5-1 student's question about the Nutrition  Project.  You only have to find the nutrition information for one meal out of the day.

-Mr. Goldstein

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nutrition Test Review


       Which foods are the highest in carbohydrates?

2)      Which foods are the highest in Protein?

3)      Which foods are the highest in vitamins and minerals?

4)      Which term refers to the amount of energy in our food?

5)      How many calories are in one pound of fat?

6)      How many calories should the average person eat in one day?

7)      Which nutrient contains the most calories per gram?

8)      Eating out too often can lead to eating too many calories and weight gain.

Short Answer
1)      The calorie equation states ……….. Calories in- Calories out=
What can a person do to get the answer to the equation closer to zero and to avoid storing too many calories?  There are two appropriate answers and I am looking for both.

2)      An average person should eat around 2,000 calories per day.  Should you be eating exactly 2,000 or more or less?  Think about your daily habits and answer this question about your own body.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Nutrition Rubric

5th graders,
   This is how you will be graded on the Nutrition Project.
Nutrition Menu Assignment Rubric
1.       Presentation
25- This assignment is professionally done.
20- This assignment looks presentable, but could show more professionalism.
15- This assignment should be redone, the quality is not appropriate.

2.       Menu Accuracy
25- The menu items and calorie content is accurate.
20- These items contain some errors.
15- This information is made-up or misread.

3.       Creativity
25- The project shows an incredible amount of effort and creativity.
20- Your project shows some effort and creativity.
15- Your project shows little effort and creativity.

4.       Nutrition Questions
25- Questions are answered accurately and show full understanding of the nutrition content.
20- Most questions are answered accurately and the student shows basic understanding.

15- Some of the answers are correct, but the student shows little understanding of the content.

6th Grade HW due Wednesday 1/14

6th Graders,
   In order to have the best basketball tournament possible, we need to learn the game!  Watch at least one half of a basketball game. This can be a college or professional game.  College games are often seen on weeknights on ESPN or ESPN, professional games are often seen on weeknights on 70 or 71 on Optimum.
I can let you know specific nights when there will be a game.  You can always search for a game on Youtube at any time.

Assignment due on Wednesday 1/14.

Answer the following in complete sentences...
1) Who are the teams playing in the game you are watching?
2) What is the name of the position that dribbles the ball up the court?
3) How much is a shot worth that is made from inside the arc?
4) How many points is a foul shot worth?
5) Explain the spacing you see from one of the teams.  Is the team usually spaced out or bunched up?   If you were coaching which style would you have your team play and why?

Good luck,
Mr. Goldstein

Nutrition Assignment

5th Grade students,
   Here is the Nutrition Project that will be due on the day of your Nutrition Test.  I will tell you that exact date during your next class.

Last class we did an activity where we selected a meal from an online menu and saw how many calories it contained.  You are going to find the nutrional information of your own meal.  
1) Go to a restaurant website or go get a nutritional sheet for an actual restuarant (for example-   -- but try to be original).
2) Pick your meal from that restaurant (remember to include a drink or two and a side like fries if that is what you eat).
3) How many combined calories does your meal contain (add the up the total)?  
4) How many grams of fat does your meal contain?
5) How does your calorie total compare to the 2,000 calories an average person should eat per day?
6)  Think about your own body and what you do each day.  Should you be eating more or less than 2,000 calories?  Explain your answer.

We will go over this activity in detail in class.

Ask me any questions you might have while doing this project,
Mr. Goldstein

Friday, December 19, 2014

8th Grade Shark Tank Project

8th Graders,
   Here is a copy of the Shark Tank project that we went over in class.  Below are the due dates for each section.

8 Spanish- Wednesday January 14th
8 French- Friday Jan. 16th
8 Italian- Thursday Jan 22nd

8th Grade Leadership
Shark Tank Assignment

For this project you will either work by yourself or one other person.

Please answer the following questions during your presentation.
-What is your product or service?
- How did you think of the idea?  
- What problem does your product/service solve?
- What is your plan to get people to buy your good/service?
- How much would you charge?
- Would you hire workers?  How many?
- Where/how would you make the product?
-Where would you have a factory or shop?
- How would you market your product/advertise it?
- What makes your product or service better than anyone else's?

You will be judged on the following…
  1. The product or service itself.
  1. Quality of the idea
  2. Would this be a popular product or service?

2)  The presentation.
  1. Quality of the pitch.
  2. Student appearance

3)  Physical demonstration of the product or service.

***The top three groups or individuals from each class section will make the final round.

All groups or individuals that make the final round will be rewarded with a breakfast or lunch party courtesy of Mr. Vancheri.

Monday, December 1, 2014

5th Grade Health Project

5th graders,
   Here is a copy of the project that is due on the day of your health test.  All sections will have their test on a different date, so I am not specifying the date here on the blog.

Let me know if there are any questions.  This will help you review for the test and you may use it on the test along with your notes.  

Body Systems Health Project
Due on the date of your unit test!
Answer the following questions in complete sentences!  Carefully research your system; any wrong answers will be penalized!  Projects make up 20% of your quarter grade.
1)    Which body system are you choosing for this project?
a.     Muscular                        b. Skeletal                 d. Respiratory
e.   Nervous                    f. Circulatory    

2)    Why did you pick the system that you chose?  Why does it interest you so much?  What is this system responsible for?  Use at least 4-5 sentences to answer this question.

3)    What are the main parts/organs of this system (bones or lungs for example)?

4)    Pick one organ from this system and explain what it does and why.  What would happen if this organ stopped working?  Use at least 4 sentences to answer this question.

5)    How can you best take care of this organ and keep it healthy?  Use two examples and explain each to answer this question.

6)    Write a list of the sources that you used for your project (books, encyclopedias or websites for example)

Suggestion- would be a great resource to use for this project.