Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5th Grade HW due on Wednesday Oct 29th

5th Grade students,
   This will be your last homework of the 1st quarter.  You are to watch a football game and answer the following questions.

You can watch a high school football game in person on Friday night or Saturday afternoon (ask me for details about times and locations), college football all day on TV Saturday, and professional NFL Football on Sunday afternoon, night and Monday night.  Also, search "full football game" on YouTube.

Answer these questions in complete sentences on a seperate sheet of paper.

1) The offense is the team with the ball.  The defense stops them from scoring.  Would you rather be an offensive or defensive player in football?  Why did you choose that choice?
2) If you were a coach, would you choose more running plays or passing plays? Why? Which do you think works best?
3) Which game did you watch?  Who won the game?
4) Were there any turnovers in the game?  Interceptions or fumbles?
An interception is when the defense catches the quarterbacks throw.  A fumble is when a player drops it and the other team picks it up and then has possession.

This is due on Wednesday, October 29th.

-Mr. Goldstein

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soccer Club

Weather is looking good so soccer club is on!

-Mr. Goldstein

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Run for Fun Course

5th Grade students,
  Listed below will be the turn by turn directions for the race course so you can preview it with your family or friends to become familiar.  You are also encouraged to train on the course as well to get ready for the race.

1) Race starts at the corner of Ramsey and Dixon.
2) Head down Ramsey street
3) Make a right onto Danforth
4) Right onto Nagle by School 29
5) Right onto Murray Ave
6) Merge onto Grand St and continue up the hill
7) Right onto Barnes
8) Right onto Caldwell and finish at the playground of the school

Good luck to all the runners,
Mr. Goldstein

Cycling Results

  Here are my results from the last bike race I did last weekend...
You have to click the link and go to the Men's Cat 4 race.  I finished in 20th place.  The races are very competitive.  Time to get back to training so I can do better next week!
Click here

Mr. Goldstein

Thursday, October 9, 2014

6th Grade Hw #3 Due 10/17

6th Graders,
   This is your last assignment for the 1st marking period.  Watch a football game (high school, college or professional).  Answer the questions below to become more familiar with the sport as we start the football unit!

Remember- all questions should be answered in complete sentences and put you language on your paper (6-I, 6-F, 6-S).

1) What two teams played each other in the game you watched?
2) Was it professional, college or high school football?
3) The offense is the team with the football.  What are the two types of plays that an offense can run?
4) Based on the game you watched, what tips would you give a player on catching the football?
5) What do you think is the most important skill in football (agility, throwing, catching, tackling or blocking) and why?
6) Would you play this sport in high school?  Why or why not?
       - There are girls that do play high school football in NJ
       - If you are a girl and think girls should not play football, would you allow your child to play football when you are older?

I look forward to everyone's answers,
Mr. Goldstein

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pictures from the Race

 Here are some pictures from the first cyclocross race of the season.  6th graders read about this type of cycling race in their last homework assignment!  It was pretty dry, there was no mud in this race.

Monday, September 29, 2014

5th Grade HW #2 Due Friday October 10th

5th Grade Students,
   Please click the link to the article below...
Soccer article--- click!

Read this article about concussions (head injuries) and answer the questions below in complete sentences!  Place the homework in my homework tray by the end of business on October 10th.

1) How do soccer players usually get concussions?
2) Were you surprised to hear that soccer is the most popular sport in the world?  Why or why not?
3) How many concussions were sustained by high school soccer players in the United States in 2010?
4) Do you think some of the new rule changes would work?  Which ones and why?

Thank you,
Mr. Goldstein