Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5th and 6th Grade Homework due Friday, April 25th

5th and 6th Graders,
   I am posting an article for the first PE homework of the 4th quarter.  Read this interesting article about high school mountain biking teams and answer the question below.  Remember to write in all complete sentences and hand it in on or by Friday, April 25th.

Article to read!
Pictures of the trails they ride!

1- In which state is the Drake high school team located?
2- What is unique about how these riders practice?
3- Why would the writer want to "hurl" just thinking about riding up Repack?
4- Which team is the defending state champions?
5- Would you want to participate on the mountain bike team if we had one at School 7?  Why or why not?

I look forward to reading your responses!
Mr. Goldstein

Friday, April 11, 2014

6-3 Health Assignment

6-3 Students,
   Here is the article needed for this assignment.

Click the link for the article.

Answer the following questions in complete sentences to receive credit...
1) What is the difference between vigorous and moderate physical activity?  Which is tougher to do?
2) What is the most important stat regarding the Washington State Youth Survey?  Why do you think it is the most important statistic?
3) What are 3 important reasons to be physically active as a teen?
4) Do you meet the right level of physical activity?  If not what are some things you can do to get there?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Review For Drugs Test 6th Grade

6th Grade Students,
   By studying the following questions, you will be set yourself up nicely for the upcoming health test.

1- What can happen when marijuana is taken in large amounts?
2- Which type of plant does marijuana come from?
3- What is a rolled marijuana cirgarette called?
4- How does smoking marijuana affect one's ability to concentrate?
5- What are some physical signs of smoking marijuana?
6- Marijauna and cigarettes have a similar effect on which organ of the body?
7- Which type of plant does heroin come from?
8- What color is heroin in its most potent form?
9- What is a gateway drug?
10- What are some ways heroin is used?
11- What is an overdose?

Possible essay questions- should marijuana be legal?
What do painkillers have to do with heroin?

Good luck!

Mr. Goldstein

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

6th Grade Health Project

6th Grade Students,
   Listed below is your health project.  Rememeber, your project grade counts for 25% of your total grade.  It would be a wise decision to spend time researching your answers and working on your poster.

For 6-1 and 6-3 this project is due on C Day.
6-2- stay posted for this information in your class.

Use the internet to research and hand in these answers typed or on a clean sheet of paper.

1)  What is being done in order to win the fight against heroin?

2)  How much does rehab cost? What are there different types?

The 2nd phase of this project is a creative poster...
This poster should show the dangers of: the drug, consequences of use, and effects on society in a creative way. 

6th Grade Project Rubric

Hello 6th Grade Students,

                This is Mr. J again posting another assignment on Mr. Goldstein’s blog. For this assignment you will have a rubric to follow, the purpose for the rubric is to be your guide in order to receive maximum credit. The rubric will be broken up into four(4) categories and within those categories you will see a point system. We will let you know when this assignment is due in class because each class has a different class schedule.
Lastly, I want you to think about the quote I included into the power point “be yourself everyone else is taken.” How can you relate this quote to peer-pressure? Do not hand this part in as an assignment.
1.        Presentation
25- This assignment is professionally done and information is clear.
20- This assignment looks presentable, but could show more professionalism.
15- This assignment should be redone: it is not presentable and information is unclear 

2.      Content
25- Content is completely accurate.
20- Content is somewhat accurate.
15- Little or no research was done

3.       Creativity
25- The project shows an incredible amount of effort and creativity.
20- Your project shows some effort and creativity.
15- Your project shows little effort and creativity.

4.       Grammar
25- There are less than two spelling or grammatical errors
20- There are three to five spelling or grammatical errors
15- There are more than six spelling errors

Friday, March 21, 2014

5th Grade Homework

Due Date (Wednesday) 4-2-14

   Hello Students,

        This is Mr. J posting your first homework assignment. By following these simple instructions you will have no problem getting an “A” for this assignment.

1) Copy and paste the link below to your address bar.

2) Once the website loads up please: explore, listen to the music, and click on the links/videos.

3) After you are done exploring you are going to click “FITNESS AT HOME.”
-4) Are you up for the challenge?   
Once you click “FITNESS AT HOME” Please read the requirements to receive credit for this assignment. After you are done reading the requirements for the assignment, I want you to click on “Youtube fitness at home videos” these videos will give you verbal and visual instruction on how to perform an exercise.  
Please hand this in on a sheet of paper along with a picture:
     1) How did you feel in the beginning?
     2) How did you feel in the middle and at the end?
     3) Is it better to eat simple or complex carbs when it comes to exercising?
     4) Why do you think having a balanced diet is important? Give 2 examples.
     5) Is it better to take protein before or after a workout? Explain why.

"When you feel like quitting, remember why you started."

6th Grade Health Activity

I am providing a link here to be used in health class.